Cinzia's Advice: COSTUMES


Oriental dance fascinates for the beauty and originality of its costumes, make-up, music, jewelry and accessories ... The backstage of a belly dance show is all a sparkle of precious stones, decorations, embroidered fabrics and bright colors.

Getting ready for the stage is a real beauty ritual for an oriental dancer. Everything must be perfect, the dancer has to embody pure femininity, elegance and sophistication.

Eye liner, lipstick, blush, eylashes, fluffy hair, the inevitable ornaments on the body, the sparkle of glitter on the belly, that perfect lipstick to value your smile ... and finally ... inevitable .... a spray of your favorite perfume with which you will inebriate the air at every movement on stage .

Being well-hydrated before a performance is key to getting things started on the right foot, and sipping water every so often maintains that hydration for optimal brain and muscle function.

Furthermore, listening to some good Egyptian music on your headphones and freely dancing on it can help you feel confident and sensual enough before starting your performance!